I want a design that I saw in a picture but I can’t find it on your site!

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All of our items are one of a kind, and they’re made to order. For our Wood+Resin items, we hand-cut slices from a brick of wood+resin and then we scan each slice into our system, which allows you to preview how each slice looks on various devices. As soon as an order is placed, the slice is removed from our website and then it is cut down to fit the device that was chosen. 

What you see is exactly what you’ll get. The images you see in our advertisements are real items that customers have purchased from us, and due to their nature, we cannot replicate them. But that’s also what makes them so awesome! Imagine having an item you use everyday that is so unique, no one else will ever have the same one. Pretty cool, right? We update our Wood+Resin pages several times a day with new options, so keep checking back in, and you may find another slice that you love even more!

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